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The Basics


Instagram Reels are our specialty. Let us create one just for you! The reel will be supplemented by more details and links to your products or company in stories, allowing us to give our audience all the information they need about your brand. Ideal for brands looking to spark curiosity and connect with a new audience.

The Reinforcer


Our audience loves to be entertained with a snappy reel to get their attention but we won’t stop there! The reel will be supplemented by a follow-up still image. People love to see a follow-up image so they can zoom in on all the details. All of this will be supplemented with links and behind-the-scenes stories. The follow-up image is a great reinforcement and reminder of the brand and has the potential to reach more customers with a second post. Ideal for those looking to reach a larger audience by interacting with two different types of content consumers

The Storyteller


We will create a series of reels and release them sequentially to provide a build-up of the project over time. The audience will be taken along behind the scenes all along the way and your brand will be reinforced as the project unfolds. This type of repetition increases brand awareness and customer recall and is much more effective than a single exposure. My experience is that the audience has a much larger buy-in when content is released in this manner and they are much more excited to see the final results. This package is ideal for brands looking to invest in reaching the largest audience or who have a variety of products to feature

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