round up graphic of about 40 light fixtures

The Giant Amazon Lighting Round Up

I was talking with a friend the other day that was looking for some affordable lighting to replace a boob light in her home, and she was having trouble finding affordable and stylish solutions. I asked her if she had tried Amazon… and she groaned. She said she did but that the site is overwhelming and she quickly gave up. That made me wonder – do more people feel this way? Personally, I could spend hours sifting through various sites to find that perfect lighting solution, but apparently not everyone finds endless hours scrolling and finding the great finds as fun as me!! Weirdos.

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When I was building my home there were very few lighting options in my town and exactly zero lights that I could find in person that I liked. So that’s when I first started online shopping for lighting and I have not looked back! My electrician was super skeptical (this was back in the dark ages – 2011 or so – when online shopping was not quite so prominent as it is now) but he was suitably impressed by my much more unique and a lot less builder-basic lighting choices I made.

When I was building I did a mix of high and low – I have lights from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Overstock, Amazon, Ikea and a couple from the local hardware store. I splurged on some of the more visible and prominent lights and saved on a few of the less noticeable ones in closets, kids rooms or hallways. But honestly? Some of my discount lighting is every bit as nice in person as their expensive counterparts, which have me shopping more and more on sites like Amazon.

Wheelchair friendly bathroom vanity with two sinks, a central cabinet tower, tiled subway wall, beige cabinetry and quartz counters, chrome single handle fixtures, beveling mirrors and black globe light fixtures with hex tile on floor with border
These sconces in the bathroom I designed for my mom were from Amazon!

Since then, I save interesting things I come across on Amazon on my “wish list” whether I happen to need them or not, and found that I had a ton of great Amazon lighting saved, and thought that maybe an Amazon lighting round up would be helpful for you guys!

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hallway with striped walls going two directions in grey and white, a laundry basket with art stacked over, a leaning oversided arched mirror and a chrome vintage style light
This semi flush mount was from Amazon and very affordable, and look as good as the restoration hardware sconces in the next room!
round up graphic of about 40 light fixtures

HOT TIP CANADIANS: has WAY more lighting options than So, if you can’t find something you like on the Canadian site, check out our American pals. The shipping and duties are shown at check out and even with those included, it still can be worthwhile to order from there. Just beware of the cost to return, as often those fees are not refundable.

Now here is a quick disclaimer – not all of the lighting on Amazon are gems, you really have to read the reviews and as with anything that you buy online, you need to pay attention to the dimensions! If you are getting a really good price on a light, you might be sacrificing quality a little bit, so pay attention to the details and reviews. Finishes like chrome or black tend to look good even when they are more affordable, whereas gold is hit and miss. I have not personally ordered all of these lights so I can not vouch for quality, but to me they all look like fabulous options that I would be willing to give a try! (And remember – often if you like the shape of a light and its a good price, a little spray paint or rub n’ buff may get you closer to the finish you want!). Many of these lights come in multiple finishes, so click through to see all of the options.

(Click directly on the images below to be redirected to Amazon’s website. Links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase any of these items (at no extra cost to you), and you have just helped support my blog, thank you!)

Flush Mount (AKA – Replace that Boob Light)

Sconces and Wall Mounted Lighting

Pendants and Chandeliers




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