black fireplace with garland, fire going, brass candles and art above

2023 Holiday Gift Guides

I don’t know about you, but for me, Christmas seems to sneak up on me every year. I’m doing my best to get my holiday shopping done earlier so I can spend more time relaxing and actually enjoying the holidays. And decking the halls of course! This year, I’ve pulled together some thoughtful and unique gift ideas for whoever it is you are shopping for.

If I am giving a gift, I want it to be thoughtful and really reflect the personality and desires of the person the gift is for. For that reason, I’ve spent weeks curating these lists of items that are specific to the interests of the people on your list! I hope this makes your gift-giving a little easier this year!

To shop the guide, find the number in the collage and click the link for the product below it in the description. I’ve included a table of contents to help you navigate to the guide that interests you.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase anything from these links I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you! This helps support my blog, so thank you!

black fireplace with garland, fire going, brass candles and art above

Table of Contents

Gifts for the Book Lover

  1. Lap pillow – Cause sometimes that book is just so dang heavy, this corduroy triangular pillow holds the book perfectly propped.
  2. Slipper Socks – Keep those toes warm and cozy with these handmade crocheted house slippers. These come in tons of colours and sizes
  3. Pottery mugs – Nothing goes better with a good reading sesh than a hot cuppa. These handmade mugs are a gorgeous gift they will treasure for years to come.
  4. Reading Light – If they still like a paper book and read at night, a reading light is essential to keep on reading without turning on the “big light” and disturbing their partner. This one is an LED flat light that sits right on top of the page.
  5. Electric candle lighter – A safer way to light that candle. So handy to have around! (Canadian Link)
  6. Candle in Pottery – To go with #5. A scented candle is always nice to light while reading, I love that when this one is done you are left with a beautiful handmade vessel.
  7. Kindle Book Cover – I stumbled across these beautiful Kindle covers on Etsy, they are absolutely stunning and make your Kindle feel more like a real book.
  8. Magnetic Bookmark – I don’t know about you but I’m always falling asleep while reading, this is the cutest bookmark!
  9. Uggs – If you live in a cold climate like me, sometimes cozy socks just aren’t enough. I bought cheaper slippers almost yearly until I was given these slippers as a gift. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! These are still going strong three years in and are the softest and warmest things ever. I am generally pretty cheap but shoes (and now slippers!) are one place I always splurge. (Canadian Link)
  10. Cozy throw – Reading and cozy go Hand in Hand, and this just might be the softest, coziest thing I’ve ever laid my hands on! (Canadian Link)
  11. Smart light/Alexa – As the day fades into night, it’s nice to just ask Alexa to turn on the light so they can keep reading. And then when their eyelids droop…Alexa, goodnight! No need to get up. (Canadian Link)
  12. Stone Bookends – If they have shelves full of books, they could probably use some bookends. These simple modern stone bookends come in several different stone materials so there is something to suit any style. (Candian Link)
  13. Kindle – I have been a Kindle reader for years and years! I love that books I’ve read no longer pile up. I love that I can always start reading a new book as soon as I finish one without having to go anywhere. I love how lightweight they are and the built-in light! I can’t imagine going back to reading regular books now. (Canadian Link)
  14. Audible Subscription– When they can’t have their nose in a book because the dog needs walking and the house needs cleaning, they can still listen to their favourite stories! (Canadian Link)

Gifts for Teens

  1. Shower Speaker – So they can never stop listening to Taylor Swift. Belting it out in the shower, at the beach or by the pool, or singing in the rain! (Canadian Link)
  2. Mini Fridge – For cold drinks at arm’s reach or cosmetics, any teen would love a mini fridge in their room and I love the nostalgic look of this one! (Canadian Link)
  3. 3D Printing Pen – For the artsy types they can make literally anything with a 3D printing pen! (Canadian Link)
  4. Laptop Cover – They bring them to school, they cover them in stickers, and they spill their lunch on them. Make sure your investment is protected by giving them a laptop case that they will actually use.(Canadian Link)
  5. Phone Holder – This handy gadget allows you to go hands-free on your phone, propping it on a table, around your neck, literally anywhere. Great for recording dances with friends or watching a show. (Canadian Link)
  6. Cable Protector – These little guys protect your charge cables from becoming kinked and bent and look cute doing it. If they aren’t into cute animals, then this one is great for the superhero lover. (Canadian Link)
  7. Portable Charger – This viral phone charger is well-loved because it comes with built-in charge cables so you never have to worry about bringing the cord too. (Canadian Link)
  8. Instant Camera – Everything old is new again with the younger gen including printing photos out on an old-fashioned Polaroid and tacking them up all over the wall. (Canadian Link)
  9. Laser Tag – Girls and boys alike love to run around and shoot each other. This set gets them out and active and it’s like playing a video game but with actual humans and exercise so you will love it, too! (Canadian Link)
  10. Bean Bag Chair – these are kind of pricey but I feel like this is something they will take with them when they move out, like their first piece of furniture. It’s a bed, a gaming chair, or a spot for friends. It’s the bean bag chair, updated! (Canadian Link)
  11. Beats Headphones – I asked my teens which headphones were cool and they said BEATS. I love this brown colour! But make sure to get the noise-cancelling ones. (As if they need more help tuning you out.) (Canadian Link)

Gifts for Teen Girls

  1. Scrunchies with Pockets – These hair scrunchies have a zip pocket to store small items like keys and lunch money.
  2. Weighted Stuffed Animal – Like a weighted blanket that hugs you back. Teen anxiety is no match for this guy. (Canadian Link)
  3. Birkenstock Clogs – This was on my teen girl list last year and they are still going strong! (Canadian Link)
  4. Mushroom Lamp – A little ambiance in the form of a trendy mushroom! (Canadian LinkSimilar)
  5. Cloud Slides – These popular slides are convenient for around the house or around the pool. (Canadian Link)
  6. Belt Bag – A cross-body belt bag is all she wants to carry and this is the original one that made them popular! (Canadian Link)
  7. Zodiac Candle – If her first question is “What’s your sign” then she will love these zodiac candles that reveal keepsake crystals in the zodiac’s power colour.
  8. Flare Leggings – For many of us, this is a throwback to what feels like the not-so-distant past, but to the teen, this is a whole new look for her favourite leggings. These ones are highly rated but still on the affordable side.
  9. Personalized Charger – So her friends and her dad know which one is hers, and keep their hands off!
  10. Fuzzy Backrest – If your teen is like mine, she spends a lot of time in bed chatting with friends, watching a show or working on homework. This will save her back and is oh-so-cozy!
  11. Gold Hoops – A simple gold hoop is a staple no matter how many piercings she has, and these ones are highly rated, many people with sensitive ears say these work for them, and they are inexpensive enough to be a stocking stuffer. (Canadian Link)
  12. Gel Nails – An all-in-one gel nail polish and manicure kit, so she can get the salon look at home for her and all her friends. (Canadian Link)
  13. Sherpa Backpack – Lulu lemon, sherpa and the colour brown. Three huge trends rolled into one!
  14. UGG Clog Slippers – Another trendy shoe/ slipper that they all want! This one is a good knockoff if the OG is out of budget. (Canadian Link)

Gifts for Teen Boys

  1. Basketball Hoop – Boys love to throw things, especially indoors. My 20-year-old son still has one of these on his door! (Canadian Link)
  2. Segway E-Scooter – This is not a kiddie scooter, this is a battery-powered commuter scooter that will get him to and from school and to his part-time job and soccer practice independently at speeds of up to 12.4 MPH (20 km/hr). A little pricey but a lot less than a car! (Canadian Link)
  3. Crave Box – If there is one thing teen boys do is EAT. This is a box of 80 different snacks! He should be good for at least a couple of days. (Canadian Link)
  4. Glow in the Dark Basketball – This LED basketball stays lit for up to 30 hours so they don’t have to stop playing just because the sun’s gone down. (Canadian Link)
  5. Backpack Cooler – A portable backpack cooler! Who doesn’t want one of those? Keep drinks cool with easy portability so he can carry all the soccer gear with his free hands. (Canadian Link)
  6. Remote Control Paper Airplane – A paper airplane that you control using an app on your phone! How cool is that? (Canadian Link)
  7. Music Keychain – A key chain that can be customized for their favourite band or song!
  8. LED Strip Lights – The teens love that Neon glow all over their room and their cars, and LED lights are getting better all the time! These ones are smart lights so you can control using your voice, set up a schedule, and use millions of colours and they sync to music! He will want them everywhere. (Canadian Link)
  9. Shoe Storage – Teenage boys are crazy about their trendy shoes. This stores them all safely and the clear front allows him to gaze upon all his treasures without handling them. They are stackable as his collection grows. (Canadian Link)
  10. Ring Toss – Another thing they can put in their room to give them an excuse to throw things around. Its like darts but with fewer holes in your wall. I guarantee if this is on his wall his friends will be making bets and competing for the best score in no time. (Canadian Link)
  11. Nike Air Max – I asked my son which shoes are cool at the moment and he said Nike Air Max in white, without hesitation.

Gifts for the Gamer and Movie Lover

  1. Bucket List Movie Scratch Poster – All the classics are on here, scratch them off when you’ve seen them. You can’t call yourself a movie buff until this is complete!
  2. Portable projector with Screen – Movie night in the backyard! This portable projector comes with a 100″ screen, so movies and games can be enjoyed anywhere and it’s affordable enough to lug around to any location. (Canadian Link)
  3. Mini Drone with Camera – If they like movies and games they will probably like flying this mini drone around, too! (Canadian Link)
  4. Score Book – If your family is like mine, we like to keep track of who won what game and how many times (for bragging rights, of course). This keeps it all together and looks good doing it.
  5. Gaming Chair – A good chair is key if they are going to be sitting for a long time. This one has a head and footrest and is highly rated. (Canadian Link)
  6. Headphone and Controller Stand – A solid wood personalized controller stand, to keep those gadgets organized and looking as good as game controllers possibly can.
  7. Nintendo Classic – The first video game I ever played was Mario Brothers on a Nintendo. This mini version has all the nostalgia and 30 preloaded games! How fun is that! (Canadian Link)
  8. Smart Sense Goggles – This eye mask customizes treatments to lower your heart rate to a more relaxed state. Slip them on to soothe headaches, relieve eye strain from too much screen time, and help you fall asleep!
  9. MetaQuest – This is super immersive, if they like gaming they will love to be all in with virtual reality. (Canadian Link)
  10. Piece Holder – Color-coded cute little containers for holding all the pieces. This beats the baggie we are using for our games! (Canadian Link)
  11. Catan Piece Holder – The Settlers of Catan is a game my family loves and plays over and over. If Catan is their favourite game, this is a lovely way to store the pieces while playing!
  12. Marble Chess Board – The game that works just as well as a beautiful dĂ©cor piece. (Canadian Link)

For the Wine Lover

  1. Beautiful Glasses – These glasses are stunning, I guarantee there is always room in the cupboard for some really special stemware.
  2. Wine Journal – For anyone who likes to keep track of the wines they have tried and rate them, this is a great way to do so and such a pretty journal. (Canadian Link)
  3. Wine Game – You have to solve the puzzle to unlock the wine, it’s like an escape room for your favourite Vino.
  4. Marble Wine Cooler – This pretty wine cooler would double as a vase when it’s not holding wine.
  5. Lever Corkscrew – this corkscrew has a built-in foil cutter and takes the cork out in one easy motion, no messing around. (Canadian Link)
  6. Wine T-Shirt – It’s funny cause it’s true.
  7. Gold Bath Caddy – This gold bath caddy has a little holder for not one, but two glasses.
  8. Wine Doormat – My mom has this as her doormat, and I never seldom come for supper without a bottle anymore 🙂
  9. Stemless Wine Glasses – This set is beautiful to enjoy with that extra special bottle or for a special dinner.
  10. Outdoor Wine Table – This table sticks in the ground and securely holds two wine glasses, a bottle, and some snacks. No more broken wine glasses around the firepit or getting up to pour another glass.
  11. Shower Wine Holder – When I saw this I had to include it. I’ve been known to enjoy a beverage while I’m showering, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. This shower wine holder comes with a plastic wine glass too, just in case.
  12. Electric Wine Opener – This electric wine opener opens a bottle in seconds with no effort at all! (Canadian Link)

For Grandparents

  1. Garden Kneeler – If your grandparents love to garden, this will help them stay out there a little longer. It works as a kneeler (with handles to help them up again!) and also a stool, and has a pouch to hold garden tools. (Canadian Link)
  2. Letters to Grandparents – This one requires a bit of work for the kids but it’s something the grandparents will treasure for the rest of their lives. Each letter starts with a prompt for the kids and has a space to write when it was sealed and when it should be opened. They will love this for years to come! (Canadian Link)
  3. Book Nook – A spot for the book, the tea, and the reading glasses.
  4. What I love about… These “What I Love About Grandpa” and “What I Love About Grandma” books are simple fill-in-the-blanks that the kiddos fill out to make a personalized give the grandparents will always treasure. It would be so fun to do this a few times as the kids grow to see how their answers change! (Canadian Link Grandma) (Canadian Link Grandpa)
  5. Candle Warmer – I bought this for my mom for Mother’s Day and she loves it. It melts the candle wax and you get all of the scent without the flame, a safer way to burn candles that makes the candle last longer and looks cute doing it. These are viral for a reason! (Canadian Link)
  6. Marbles Game – This is a simple game that they can play with their Grandkids. We have had a version of this for years and for some reason, it’s our go-to game with both sets of Grandparents and has been a family favourite since my kids were old enough to play with them. (Canadian Link)
  7. Window Bird Feeder – This Acrylic clear birdfeeder sticks to the outside of the window so they can watch the comings and goings of their little feathered friends from indoors. (Canadian Link – Similar)
  8. Cozy Throw – Grandparents are always cold and you can never have too many cozy throws. This one I also linked for book lovers because it’s THAT SOFT. (Canadian Link)
  9. Jar Opener – Let’s face it, Grandma is not as strong as she once was. Mount this jar opener on the bottom of a cabinet to make opening jars a breeze! A practical idea they will love. (Canadian Link)
  10. Weather Station – If they are obsessed with the weather, get them this and make sure you set it up for them on their phone. Real-time updates, forecasts and all of it linked to their phone so they can phone you and let you know that you need to put your winter tires on. (Canadian Link)

For the Chef

  1. Gold Measuring Cups and Spoons – I have a set of these measuring spoons and I love them so much. They are magnetic so they fit together nicely in the drawer but easy to separate the one you want. This set comes with gold measuring cups too! Pretty and practical. (Canadian Link)
  2. Marble Cutting Board – this is such a good-sized cutting board and solid marble. It looks way more expensive than it is and would be beautiful in any kitchen. (Canadian Link)
  3. Mini Chopper – This is like a food processor but so much more convenient. I use mine all the time to finely chop or puree things without having to lug out the heavy food processor. And this one comes in so many great colours! (Canadian Link)
  4. Coffee Press – The discerning chef is serious about their coffee, too. This coffee press by Le Cruset is beautiful and made of high-quality enamelled stoneware that will not absorb odours or flavours.
  5. Prep Bowls with Lids – These prep bowls have a ton of different colour choices and come with clear lids to see what’s inside. The perfect mixing and storage containers. (Canadian Link)
  6. Linen Apron – How CUTE is this linen apron? It comes in lots of colours and because it’s linen, it will get softer every time it’s washed and comes out of the dryer looking perfectly rumpled.
  7. Caraway – I’ve been thinking about some new pots and pans and so many people I know have and love their Caraway. I love that they come in so many gorgeous colours as well!
  8. Crocheted Pot Holders – You can never have too many pot holders, especially if they are handmade and have cute little leather tabs.
  9. Butter Keeper – A butter keeper allows you to keep your butter out on the counter without it liquefying by keeping it in water. This one looks vintage, but it’s very affordable! I used this in my mom’s kitchen. (Canadian Link)
  10. Half Baked Harvest Cookbook – If they haven’t tried any of Half Baked Harvest’s recipes, they are in for a treat! Teagan’s recipes are always incredible and this book is beautifully photographed as well. (Canadian Link)
  11. Wood Cutting Board – This brand is known for having great quality boards, and I love the little bun feet on this one. As beautiful as it is practical! (Canadian Link)
  12. Meater – This is a digital Bluetooth thermometer you stick in your meat (in the oven or barbeque) and can read from your phone. Meat cooked perfectly and monitor it from anywhere. (Canadian Link)
  13. Manual Chopper – I recently bought this Tik-Tok famous viral chopper for myself and I use it constantly. Any chef would appreciate their veggies being chopped all the exact same size and in no time at all. (Canadian Link)
  14. Stone Pinch Pots – for storing salt or other spices, these solid stone pinch pots come with a little brass spoon and would look great hanging out next to the stove, so convenient for adding a pinch of salt and pepper. (Canadian Link)
  15. My Family Cookbook – If the chef in your life has a long list of recipes passed down the generations, they can store them all here in this beautiful bound book of all Grandma’s secret recipes.

For the DIY’er

  1. Electric Screwdriver – Everyone thinks they don’t need this if they have a drill, and then they try it and find out how awesome it is. To turn a screw you simply twist it in the direction you want the screw to go. It flattens out straight like a screwdriver or the handle twists like a regular drill. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and easily my favourite tool and it will be theirs, too! (Canadian Link – slightly different model)
  2. Laser Level – If they don’t have a laser level already this is a great one. It’s simple – set it down and it shoots a line horizontally and vertically, perfectly level. I use it with my old phone tripod or you can set it on any surface. I use it for wallpaper, tile, trim work, the list goes on! (Canadian Link)
  3. Foldable Work Table – We just bought this foldable work table for ourselves and it’s amazing. No matter how impressive their shop, they can always use another work surface. This one folds flat and hardly takes up any room, it comes with clamps to hold your project in place and can be connected together if you buy more than one. (Canadian Link)
  4. Laser Measuring Tool – For the DIY’er that likes things to be PRECISE. You can understand why this is a great tool. Accurate for up to 100′ to 1/16 of an inch. No more asking for help holding the other end of the tape! (Canadian Link)
  5. Angle Finder – For the carpenter who wants those angles perfect, this is a must. Is your corner perfectly 90 degrees? No, it’s probably 93 degrees. They can measure with this, and cut it perfectly. (Canadian Link)
  6. Bucket Tool Caddy – Sort of like a toolbox, this Caddy fits over a 5-gallon bucket and has lots of pockets for small tools and larger ones you can throw in the middle. We load ours up with tools we might need for any particular project and it saves multiple trips to the garage. (Canadian Link)
  7. Headlamp – There is never enough light in that dark corner or under the countertop where you need to put that last screw in but you need both your hands-free. A headlamp is essential for any DIY’er! (Canadian Link)
  8. Magnetic Wrist Band – Wear it on your wrist to hold screws or bits or all the little things that get lost in your pocket. I’m buying one for my husband because I’m tired of finding screws and drill bits in the washing machine! (Canadian Link)
  9. Coveralls – I love these short-sleeved coveralls for women, I am usually pretty hot when I’m working so short sleeves are a must! I need a pair of these so I can stop wrecking all my clothes. The Men’s Version is just as good, these come in lots of colours too! (Canadian Link Women Canadian Link Men)
  10. Oscillating Tool – We use this little flush-cutting oscillating tool very often. We have two of these and this one by Dremel is my favourite, it works great, easy to change the blades. Anytime you think “How am I going to cut that off?” the oscillating tool is usually the answer. (Canadian Link)
  11. Crown Moulding Jig – This is sort of a specific tool but if crown moulding is in your DIY’er’s future, a jig like this takes out all the head scratching. Crown needs to be cut upside down and backwards and after a long day, it’s so easy to make a mistake. I have a similar one that has saved me from bad cuts many times. The one I have is sort of flimsy, so I would recommend this one from the Jig Specialists, Kreg. (Canadian Link)
  12. StudBuddy – A stud finder that actually works? Yes, please! This simple stud finder is just a magnet that finds nails and screws in your wall. Where there is a nail, there is a stud. Simple. Effective. Fabulous. (Canadian Link)
  13. Pocket Hole Jig – Can you believe I don’t have a pocket hole jig? I have used the one my brother-in-law has and it’s so easy to use and great for any type of furniture or cabinets you might want to join. On my list this year! (Canadian Link)

For the Traveller

  1. Weekend Bag – This weekender is big enough for a weekend trip or small enough to be your personal item with a carry-on. With a waterproof zip compartment on the bottom and an included purse and small kit, it’s all they need for those frequent getaways. (Canadain Link)
  2. Travel Diary – This travel diary/ journal comes with clear sleeves to store your mementos like postcards, maps, brochures, ticket stubs and snapshots, and space in the margins to jot down every detail. Anyone who travels a lot knows that one day can blur into the next if it’s not well-documented!
  3. Leather Laptop Bag – A genuine leather laptop bag is going to serve them for the day-to-day, but this one also has a luggage sleeve so it transitions easily to the airport. (Canadian Link)
  4. Passport Holder – This beautiful leather passport holder can be monogrammed and personalized and keeps their passports and boarding passes together and handy at the airport, and looks good doing it.
  5. Anti Theft Travel Purse – When travelling in Europe both my mom and I bought purses from this brand. They are RFID-blocking, anti-slash purses to foil the most determined pickpocket. I left my wallet at home and only took the essential cards and my passport, and this had room for my water bottle too. (Canadian Link)
  6. Packing Cubes – If they are an avid traveller they might already have a set of packing cubes but if not, get ready to change their life. These organize your bag and allow you to pack what seems like twice as much. I like that these ones are mesh on the front to allow you to see what’s in them, and allow the not-so-fresh items to breathe a little! (Canadian Link)
  7. Travel Adapter – This universal travel Adapter has spots for USB-A and USB-C charging cables, allowing them to charge all their devices without bringing additional charging blocks. (Canadian Link)
  8. Cosmetics Bag – This viral cosmetic bag folds into a nice cube so it packs in the suitcase well but it opens up flat on the counter for easy access when you get there, and holds a surprising amount of things! (Canadian Link)
  9. Kindle – The Kindle was MADE for travellers. A Kindle takes up almost no space, is lightweight, and can hold hundreds of books. They can read on the plane without turning on that annoying little overhead light. (Canadian Link)
  10. Air Tag – Anyone who’s ever lost their luggage knows how great it is to have one of these in their suitcase to track that missing luggage and hopefully, recover it. (Canadian Link)
  11. Pocket Wi-Fi – When we were in Europe we rented one of these and it worked out great. Three of us were all able to connect to it and none of us had to fuss with roaming charges or a new SIM card. If they travel a lot, they will love access to wifi whenever they need it. (Canadian Link)
  12. Neck Pillow – Getting some shut-eye on the red-eye is harder than it seems. This neck pillow has great reviews and saves you from that neck kink. (Canadian Link)

For the Pet Parents

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  1. Ceramic Pet Bowls – I have something similar to this and I love them so much. Easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing in my mud room and nice and heavy so they don’t move it around when eating. These come in different sizes for different-sized pets. (Canadian Link)
  2. Blue and White Pet Bowls – How pretty are these? They are pretty small so better for small pets or cats, but if you are obsessed with blue and white pottery these are a must. (Canadian Link)
  3. Pet Treat Jar – We always have treats handy, especially when training our new pup. I finally found a cute ceramic jar to keep them in and I can leave it out on my kitchen counter.
  4. Personalized Leash – This is a beautiful handmade leather leash, personalized with their name. This shop also sells matching collars and clip on poop bag holders.
  5. Automatic Feeder – The great thing about a cat is that you can leave them alone for a weekend, especially if you have an automatic feeder. This one even records your voice so your pet can hear you call for dinnertime. (Canadian Link)
  6. Water Fountain – This fountain has a filter for the cleanest water for your small pets, and encourages them to drink more and stays full longer. (Canadian Link)
  7. Pendelton Dog Bed – The dog needs a bed so it might as well be cute! I love this cabin-inspired one from Pendelton. (Not available on CA site)
  8. Furbo – This pet cam can be monitored from your phone and even can dispense treats remotely, so you can feel like you are right there, even when you aren’t. (Canadian Link)
  9. Hand Embroidered Velvet Collar – Adorable.
  10. Doggie Doormat – Fair warning to all who enter here!
  11. AirTag – Probably a better use for an Airtag than on luggage, you will always be able to find Fido if he gets away from you. (Canadian Link)
  12. Airtag Holder for Collar – If you are going to put an Airtag on their collar, make sure you also have a waterproof holder for it. This one fits on any collar. (Canadian Link)
  13. Solid Brass Dog Tag – Identify them in style with a solid brass dog tag.
  14. Cat PURRsonality Test – This fun quiz book has prompts and questions to help you figure out those feline behaviour traits and personality.

I hope these lists were helpful or sparked some ideas for that special someone on your list!

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