Father’s Day Gift Guide

My Dad is an amazing guy. He taught me the value of hard work, of perseverance, and encouraged me to live out my full potential, and he still does! I don’t make a big decision without talking it through with my Dad. He gives the best advice and deeply listens, which is such a rare trait to have. Now that my kids are older they phone Grandpa every time they have a problem they need to work through, too.

My dad and my daughter together at my daughter’s graduation last month!

My husband is equally amazing but in a different way! He’s the fun guy, the one who always reminds us all that life is too short to work all the time. If my kids want to do something fun they go to him first! (They refer to me as the fun-killer, haha!) He is super supportive, the dad who shows up to all the sports games and offers to coach, always willing to help out the kids no matter what.

My husband with my son a few years ago at my son’s high school Graduation
Image Credit: Rachel Hansen Photography

I am lucky enough to know a lot of other pretty amazing fathers too, from Fathers-in-law to uncles to friends who are Dads, they need to be celebrated!

If you are looking for a little something to help celebrate the dads you might know, I put together a few ideas for the Dad in your life!

Father's Day Gift Guide Collage
  1. Dewalt Screwdriver – He may not think he needs an electric screwdriver but I GUARANTEE he will love this. It turns a screw when your turn your wrist. I talk about how much I love this thing all the time, and my husband was skeptical but he loves it just as much as I do! (Canadain Link)
  2. Dr. Squatch Soap – My husband has never cared much about soaps and things but he bought himself some of this soap from an Instagram ad and now he has a cabinet full of all the different scents. They are natural bar soaps with nice manly scents and I can honestly say he ha never smelled this good! (Canadian Link)
  3. Digital Thermometer – If he likes to barbeque or smoke meat than one of these digital thermometers will really help them master that perfect temperature. We have one and it works great, it connects to an app on your phone so you can monitor that meat from the couch! (Canadian Link)
  4. Car Charger/ Holder – My husband has one of these and he loves it so much. It holds his phone on the dash so he can see it when using the maps function and it also charges while the phone is in there. It automatically closes on your phone like magic when you put it there, it’s super convenient. (Canadian Link)
  5. Retractable Phone Cord – If he doesn’t want a phone on his dash but still wants the convenience of charging in the vehicle, this retractable cord is brilliant! It pulls out when you need it and retracts when you don’t so there aren’t cords getting in the way of your cupholder. (Canadian Link)
  6. Retractable Hose – Lately we have been very into all things retractable! We just bought this hose for our garage and it’s SO wonderful to have the hose quick and easy to grab and easy to put away, too. (This is one of those gifts for him that you are going to love, too!) (Canadian Link)
  7. Hot Sauce – The men in my life all love a little heat on their food so a little hot sauce sampler is a great idea for them to try out all the latest flavours. (Canadian Link)
  8. Letters to Grandparent – Grandpas are hard to buy for, they usually don’t want or need anything except to spend time with the grandkids. These letters your kids write to grandpa and they include dates on them for when he should open them, like a time capsule. He will treasure this forever! (Canadian Link)
  9. Dewalt Nailer – In our house we have a compressor and several different nail guns and it is SUCH A PAIN to haul out the compressor and have that air hose trailing behind you. I know that he would love this cordless nail gun (so would I!). I know my husband would never buy himself this since technically we already have a nail gun so it makes a great gift. (Canadian Link)
  10. Sleek Alarm Clock/ Charger – My husband likes to be able to see the time at night and this alarm clock is sleek, manly and doubles as a cordless phone charger! (Canadian Link)
  11. Work Headphones – These Bluetooth 3M WorkTunes are both hearing protectors and headphones in one! My husband adores music, and he can wear these while working in the garage, mowing the lawn or snow blowing the driveway to make those tasks both safer and more fun! (Canadian Link)
  12. Golf Putting Mat – Once you get to a certain age I think it’s a right of passage to have one of these rolled up in your desk drawer. After a few hours of computer work, he can stand up, stretch, and practice the putt. (Canadian Link)

Experiences – My husband really treasures time with the kids, especially now that they are older and not around as much. All he wants is to hang out! On father’s day, we often do something that he wants to do like go to a Game Board Cafe or arcade (he loves games), try out an escape room or even just go to a movie together or have a backyard campfire. The best gifts can’t really be bought, anyway!

I hope that is helpful!

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