Guest Room Reveal!

This “easy” guest room project I might have underestimated a little bit. I was thinking of it as a quick paint and styling project but it turned out to be so much more than that! If you haven’t been following along on this project on Instagram, basically, I took this on myself to give my husband a break from renos. With the exception of helping me cut down the cabinet, I’ve been on my own and it’s been quite a dirty job!

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Bedroom “Before”

Before we get to far into the details, let’s look at how it looks now, shall we?

Bedroom with black painted antique bed, modern nightstands, ceramic wall pendants, striped pink bedding and contrasting blue grey trim and built in cabinets.

I started by removing the popcorn ceiling which was quite a job in itself. I used a drywall pole sander, and I got a lot of push back on the world wide web about how that was not the right way to go about it. So, I’m not going to recommend it to you, please do your own research, check for asbestos, and wear proper personal protective equipment – all the disclaimers. But what I can tell you is that having the pole sander attached to the shop vac was pretty awesome and the clean up was so much less than what I had to do when I wet scraped my daughter’s ceiling, and the end result was amazing, so I have no regrets! I do not think the sander would have worked on a painted popcorn or anything like stipple and would be very dangerous to do if there was asbestos. Once I got the ceiling smooth, I primed and painted it to match the walls, Valspar Statuesque in a flat finish and replaced the dated flush mount with an inexpensive light from Amazon. Valspar Statuesque is a very warm white (bordering on yellow, honestly) but that is what this cool north-facing room needed. It complements the Blue-Green of the trim very nicely! (Tip – if you have a north-facing room the light is very cool, so any paint colour you choose will look even cooler in a north-facing room. You can compensate for this by warming up the paint!)

bedroom showing a smooth white ceiling and walls, window with floral curtains and woven shades, striped pink bedding, white walls and green contrasting trim and peg rail
That gorgeous smooth ceiling was difficult to achieve but worth the effort!

Once that was all done, we reconfigured the desk nook cabinets a little bit as I explained in my last post (here) and then painted all the trim and cabinets Knoxville Grey by Benjamin Moore.

built in desk with knoxville gray painted cabnetry, maple stained desk top, vintage bentwood chair, a pegrail and beadboard backsplash
Desk area was reconfigured, beadboard was added and it was painted knoxville gray by Benjamin Moore. The desk top was sanded down and restained.

I also decided to add a peg rail to the wall next to the door to give that wall a little interest, and also, because I just simply love peg rails, especially in a guest space! It is so convenient to hang your towel, your pyjamas, your purse, whatever else you might be keeping in the guest room. Since I wasn’t planning a dresser in here, this is casual storage for my occasional guests. I took a piece of knotty pine and used a router to make the edge a little fancier, and then painted it and the pegs the same trim colour as the rest of the room.

bedroom with white walls and green trim with pegrail along one wall, floral curtains and pink striped bedding
I added a peg rail along this wall for guest to hang their things, and to add interest
black antique bed ina  bedroom with vintage look rug, white walls with contrasting green trim and peg rail with a vintage bench and vintage crock as a plant holder
close up of green peg rail with hanging basket, round vintage art propped on top, hat and plant hanging from rail

As we have been making rooms over, we have also been replacing the window and door trim and doorknobs. The window/ door trim in this house was…. ahem…. not to my taste? So we’ve been removing it as we went and replacing it with something that is a closer match to the existing baseboards. Replacing the doorknobs is something we have been doing room by room and it also makes such an impact, I actually scored these doorknobs from Facebook Marketplace last year and I stripped the lacquer and aged them all as I described in THIS post.

close up of angled window trim with textured finish
green painted door with green peg rail on one side with blanket hanging from rail

For the design – I knew I wanted to reuse a lot of my existing furniture and bedding so I searched for a rug that would complement my dusty pink/red striped bedding. I fell in love with this Moody Loloi rug and thought that its slightly darker tones would nicely contrast the brighter colours I had going on, it was perfection. Around the same time, I came across these wispy, pretty floral curtains from H&M Home and it was like it was all meant to be!

I found an inexpensive wood blind that was juuuuuuust a little too wide for the window, and chopped off an inch or so on each side with my mitre saw. It worked out great and now my guests have a little privacy and light blocking to boot, and I have a little added wood texture from a “custom” blind. I love a layered window solution so much!

bedroomw ith window with bamboo shades and floral curtains, vintage look rug, white walls with green trim, pink striped bedding and black panted vintage bed

I have been saving this very special vintage frame that I found on Facebook Marketplace for just the right project and Juniper Print Shop offered to send me a print for it. I didn’t have a place for it at first but once I put it in the room… wow another match made in heaven.

art from Juniper print shop entitled Juniper with vintage wood frame
I found this fantastic frame on Facebook Marketplace and added this print from Junper Print Shop

You might recognize a lot of things from my last house guest bedroom makeover (see the reveal post here) like the sconces, the bed, and the bedding. The nightstands used to be my daughter’s, they are originally from Ikea and she added some ceramic flower knobs that my sister (a potter) made for her. I thought the ceramic knobs worked in here so I left them on. My sister also made those incredible sconces. She crafted the ceramic part and I added a light kit from Ikea and used some iron plant brackets to hang them.

veiw of bed with vintage art above, vintage black painted bed, pink striped bedding, ceramic wall hanging sconces and white ike nightstands

Get the Look

If you are looking for sources, here you are! Wherever possible, I linked the actual item but some items are vintage, handmade, or no longer available so I linked a similar option to “get the look”.

moodboard of sources for bedroom


  1. Wall Paint – Valspar Statuesque in Eggshell (and Flat on Ceilings)
  2. Trim/Cabinet Paint – Benjamin Moore Advance Knoxville Gray in Pearl
  3. Flush Mount Light (Canadian Link) (US Link)
  4. Loloi Rug (Canadian Link) (US Link)
  5. Bed (Vintage) – (Similar)
  6. Sconces (Handmade by my sister) – (Similar)
  7. Art “Juniper” (Frame is second hand)
  8. Art “Untitled” (Frame is second hand)
  9. Striped Duvet
  10. Beige Pillows (Handmade – these are Similar)
  11. Striped Pillows
  12. Blue Lumbar
  13. Curtains
  14. Rod
  15. Blinds (Sold Out – these are Similar)
  16. Hanging Basket
  17. Vintage Chair (Similar)
  18. Drywall Pole Sander
  19. Peg Hooks

Project Costs

People are always wondering about costs and I get it! Renovating and decorating are expensive. I didn’t keep suuuuuper good records but here is a rough breakdown of what I spent. I didn’t include the cost of anything pre-owned.The thing I love the most about this project is how it involved a whole lot of work but really not a lot of money. There was some money spent on building materials and paint and a few accessories, but reworking the existing cabinetry and reusing my existing furniture and accessories really saved the budget here! I think it’s a good lesson in taking what you have and making the most of it.

  • Lumber: Window and Door Trim, pieces of crown and wood for desk valence and peg rail – $250
  • Trim Paint (Benjamin Moore) – $100
  • Wall and Ceiling Paint (Valspar) – $120
  • Pegs – $21
  • Rug (gifted but valued at approximately $390)
  • Curtains – $70
  • Blinds – $35
  • Curtain Rod and Rings – $52
  • Light Fixture – $115
  • Art over Bed (Frame: $10, Juniper Print Shop – Art gifted but valued at $90)
  • Canvas Print in Round Frame (Frame $10, Art $23)
  • Basket for peg rail $18
  • Drywall Sander – $250
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears – priceless

Total: $1554 (Actual spend minus gifted items = $1074)

Everything else I already owned so it was just a matter of hitting up my “Monica Closet” and spreading some decor around!

Before and After

What would a good reveal post be without some before and after side by sides, AMIRIGHT?

I’m so happy with how this room turned out and glad we have one more room checked off the list! Now who is going to be my first guest?

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  1. Sweet dreams! Job well done. Beautiful. Practical.
    Useful. That ceiling is perfection!

  2. As always, you did an amazing job! I always underestimate how long something will take too. I’ve never learned my lesson. Lol

  3. What a satisfying read! I love all of the before and after shots. Great job on this transformation. It’s all in the details!

  4. So much to love about this room. Tonight I focused in on the sewing nook and your fabulous vintage chair!

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