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Hello everyone!  Or hello no one, since this is the first ever blog post I’ve ever written, there is a good chance it may just go entirely unread.  Oh wait, I’ll probably make my mom read it. Hi, mom!

Anyway, I’m new to the blogging scene and I thought I would get my feet wet with a quick post with some tips on affordable art!  In the past year or so I have drastically increased my art around the house, and it has brought me so much joy! I’ve added art to the kitchen, leaning on shelves, in gallery walls, oversized, or stacked.  You name it, I have tried it! With all this influx of art, I needed to find a way to keep the budget in check.

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Now I would love to have original works of art in my house but that is not practical for me (and may not be for you, too!) for a number of reasons.  First of all, I don’t have an endless budget, I like to save all my bucks to spend on rugs! Kidding…. Sort of. Second, I know myself enough to know that what I like today I might not be so in love with tomorrow.  I might! But I might not. And if my investment is low then there is a lot less guilt when I switch that puppy out. So here are some places that I’ve found really great art lately!

long horizontal vintage art sitting on a vintage bench with title" how to decorate your home with beautiful art on a budget"

Thrift stores

I always scour the thrift store art sections first (when we are not in a pandemic, that is.)  I’ve found original paintings and prints framed or rolled up on shelves. I also try and ignore the frame or the matting if the art is good – that can be easily changed!  I also sometimes try to ignore the art and check out the frame, because there can be some really high quality or vintage frames with terrible art in them available for a few bucks if you look!

Purchased downloads

There are some really good online stores out there with fabulous curated art selections.  Some have the option to print and send while others you download and print on your own to your desired size. I always get my prints done at Costco (they go up to 24” x 36”) in the matte or “lustre” option.  Then I simply frame with whatever frame I am using (I usually buy frames at Michaels, Home Sense or Ikea!) Some of my favorite online stores are:

Juniper Print Shop

BFF Print Shop

Shop Vintage Supply

Etsy (Favorite Shops include Chaos and Wonder Design, Dan Hobday)

Society 6 – not downloads, but they do have prints available for purchase.  This one required a good eye though as there are lots of bad art mixed in with the good!)

Make it!

If you are feeling crafty, making your own art is always a fun option.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to DIY art here! Paint something, use fabric or wood, hang a collection, anything goes.

Free from Museums

OK guys I think I saved the best for last. Ashley from The Gold Hive originally tipped us off about this little gem in her post here.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a whole section of free, open access, high resolution art available for download. I have enjoyed changing out art from frames I already have on the regular with masterpieces from their collection.  I have even manipulated and blown up a vintage piece at a huge scale with great success! This option requires a little bit of patience and digging but there is definitely something for everyone at the Met!  Their open access artwork can be found here.

long horizontal vintage art sitting on a vintage bench
This painting was downloaded for free from the METROPOLITAN Museum of Art and then resized in photoshop to fit my existing frame

If you are still reading thank you so much, I hope this was a helpful! If you have any questions at all let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love the post! Can you tell me where you sources the laundry room art? I’ve been looking for something similar! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much Candice! I actually made that art. I just took some scrap fabric and drew out some shapes on it and filled it in with black paint, and then glued it on a piece of cardstock and stuck it in a frame we already had, so this was free!! It was easy to do and I’m no artist, so I’m confident anyone could make these!!

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